Thursday, October 2, 2014

North Carolina GOP Senator/Candidate Accused Of Welfare Fraud

The word 'fraud' is becoming a bitter pill for the North Carolina GOP to swallow this week. After the alleged voting fraud committed by the Koch brothers via AFP/Americans For Prosperity, there is now a welfare fraud allegation against Republican candidate, Senator Wesley Meredith. This from the Conservative party extremists that basically call America's poor, unemployed, and welfare recipients, 'lazy, undeserving, benefit-sucking, scum of the earth.'
North Carolina's reports:

In a statement issued Wednesday afternoon, (Republican) party chair Linda Devore said the Cumberland County GOP looks forward to Senator Meredith refuting the allegations made Tuesday by his opponent, (Democratic) Fayetteville attorney Billy Richardson.
On Tuesday, Richardson released a load of Meredith's public and private financial and public assistance documents. They indicate Meredith and his ex-wife, Elizabeth Meredith, received welfare in the late 1990s. At the time, the couple earned annual incomes in the six-figure range.

The linked article above is the GOP trying to save face. Of course, Meredith called Richardson's document release a 'below the belt' personal attack. That said, Meredith has not denied the allegation.

This story follows news of a new Republican Koch Brothers investigation for allegedly sending out false, misleading, and confusing voting information to hundreds of thousands of NC residents.

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