Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Don't be afraid of America's changing demographics

For many Americans, the scariest phrase in the English language is "changing demographics."
It's never easy to adjust to change -- especially when the thing that is changing is nothing less than the complexion of the country. America is being transformed before our eyes. In the early years of the 21st century, many white Americans are trembling at the thought that -- within three decades -- they'll be the minority in the United States. The demographic "doomsday" is about 2043, according to the most recent projections.

BillzFishyCigars •
I'm not afraid of America's changing demographics, given that all are here legally.
What concerns me more is Americas's changing respect for:
The rule of law
Independence (rather than dependence)
and...Each other

You_Sicken_Me •
The only ones getting no where in the future are .... the blacks. Hispanics use the blacks as ladders when they are in the minority in a company but when they are a majority they are more racists than the KKK.

TruthEspouser You_Sicken_Me •
Ah, hey that's not bad. I can demand affirmative action, section 8 housing, food stamps, welfare checks...rather than working...hmm.

sherri56 •
Well, you know what? It would be nice if these new groups would start considering themselves as American and stop thinking of themselves as special groups. Stop thinking of yourself as Hispanic, or black. Just be Americans. Assimilate like other immigrants (my relatives included) did. Learn the language, get a job, start supporting yourself and your family. Stop asking for special treatment and special favors. Just BE American. Can you do that, do you think?


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