Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Amazing !.....Arpaio has $5 million but begs for more of your cash

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has no shame.

He does, however, have LOTS of campaign money. And he knows how to get more of it.

So today he released a letter begging supporters for more money to help him fight -- you guess it -- President Obama.

The letter is addressed to "patriot." (A better word might be "patron." Or, better yet, "patsy.")

Still, the sheriff goes on to say, "Our country is under attack. And Barack Obama is the aggressor. That's right. Our own President has overseen the release of thousands of illegal immigrants...hundreds of whom are convicted criminals - even felons, which are flooding into America. ..."


DeWitt Tremaine · Top Commenter · Boise, Idaho
Joe is an American, this is a communist news propoganda rag.

Elaine Feroleto Costello · Top Commenter · Realtor at HomeSmart
There is no other I would vote for, and apparently there are many Arizonans that share my opinion. Lets go Joe round 7.

Conrad Sloan · Top Commenter · Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona
Bill, why don't you try looking at the number of drug smugglers Arpaio has arrested.

Then educate yourself about the jobs illegals take. You may want to pretend it's only dishwashers and such (because you think that's all their good for), but the majority take what were once good paying jobs in home building. And usually committing ID Theft in order to get those jobs.

Perry Paul Sheneman · Seiling, Oklahoma
If Obama had the balls Sheriff Joe has we would not be having this discussion. AZCentral is part of the problem, not by any means part of a solution.

Betty Krug · Top Commenter · Phoenix College
Joe's tactics are not good sometimes but it is even more shocking that there is little real journalism left in the Republic anymore. Our borders are wide open, people with communicable diseases from countries with Ebola and many other diseases are also coming here with NO Quarantines and even our Border Patrol people are getting sick and being killed by criminals who are teens coming across the border. They in majority are not little children as is propagandized by most media and this is pure asymmetrical warfare to purposely implode our economy and our borders, committed by our own government...ON RECORD. Do you people even do any real research anymore? Drudge Report links to better news then you people ever put out anymore too. Joe is right about what is really happening,no matter if you like him personally or not.


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