Saturday, June 7, 2014

Really ?....Obama chews gum during D-Day ceremonies, sparks Twitter outrage

I'm going to skip the story and just post the comments...their more interesting =D


Arizona Don •
He has no class. None, nada, he is also totally void of any common sense. A slug would make a better president.

mmmilesll •
This clown has no respect for the office or the American people

jjmcl431 •
Obama does not respect his own country which he is the president of. do you really expect him to respect other countries, especially if they are not muslim?

Nonameever •
That is an insult to riders, riders do not chew gum. Obama was forced by his position to pay homage to whitey's war and it nothing to do with his people.

thunderclapnewman •
The fraud has no perspective, or past reference points to guide his bizarre behavior. Remember, he observed Christmas Eve by shooting hoops.

Jarhead1968 •
I thought chewing gum was forbidden according to the Koran.

svivar9087 •
Geez how petty can you get. WE GET IT YOU HATE OBAMA !
Maybe he should of sparked it up and really give u something to talk about.

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