Friday, May 16, 2014

Wapo: Tea party group backs immigration reform (!)

Putting one more nail in the coffin of the game labeling conservatives ”tea party” and “establishment,” a cross-section of GOP groups came out in favor of passing immigration reform this year. In a memo entitled “Partnership for a New American Economy, Americans for Tax Reform, and Tea Party Express Release New Poll Showing Tea Party Voters Want Immigration Reform This Year,” the three groups kicked off a monthly push in which diverse conservative groups will press the case for immigration reform. The e-mail reads in part:......


Put it to a national vote whether Americans want to extend government benefits ($$) to millions of uneducated, unskilled, welfare dependent thieves.

USA Citizen born in NJ
Those numbers are all lies, the American people didn't vote 70 % for illegals to get path to citizenship. liars all of them all liars and sellouts.

LOL...What utter BS. If independent polling indicated passing amnesty would result in anything less than political suicide for Republicans it would have passed long ago.

Republicans can enjoy a return to the Majority in the Senate and solid backing from their base. Or they can satisfy the cheap labor pimps and the Chamber of Commerce.

The day the GOP passes amnesty is the day it becomes irrelevant as a political party.

This issue should be an IQ test for Republicans. If anyone believes that bringing these illegals to legal status will net the Republican candidates any votes, that person should be institutionalized for their own protection. The best thing they can do is deport and in that way they shrink the Democratic base.

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