Friday, May 16, 2014



Dear Sonia,

Gmail users, watch out for this dangerous new phishing scam.
Gmail scams Claiming to be from Google, the email's subject line includes "Mail Notice" or "Lookout Notice". The urgent message warns that you will be locked out of your account in 24 hours, due to exceeding email storage quota, and includes a link to increase your storage automatically.

That bogus link redirects you to a phony Google login page where you're asked to enter your credentials. According to CNBC, this particular attack is so dangerous because it is uniquely structured to make the phishing link extremely difficult to spot.

With access to your Gmail account, scammers can make purchases on Google Play, use your Google+ account, access your Google Drive documents and more.
Protect yourself with three easy don'ts:
Don't open emails from unknown senders,
Never click on unknown links, and
Do not type your password anywhere that you haven't verified as a legitimate site. If you are unsure, go directly to the account's official page to verify facts.
If you've received this scam email, or others like it, report to Google here.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of identity theft or fraud, contact the AARP Foundation Fraud Fighter Center at 877-908-3360.

Kristin Keckeisen
Fraud Watch Network

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