Friday, May 23, 2014

Police killings of Hispanics spark protests in Salinas, California

(CNN) -- The central California city of Salinas is being rocked with unrest and violence after protesters accused police of racism and brutality in the fatal shootings of three Latino men since March, including one captured on grainy video this week.

Demonstrations peaked Wednesday night when a man was shot to death outside his home near an anti-police protest. The circumstances of that shooting, which did not involve police, are being investigated, police said.


unbeguiled •
Verminous Mexicans. They are the roaches of the human race. This is what happens when they come to believe that they are immune from law and law enforcement. It is time to bring the ICE trucks back into the barrios. Arrest illegal aliens, put them in jail, deport them and their anchor children and put them on a bus back to Mexico.

ckfree •
I have a very simple and inexpensive way to get these POS rioters to go away, have ICE there to check ID's, watch them scatter like roaches when you turn on the lights

Umpire_Sam •
Liberal sanctuary loving California now has the population it deserves
Salinas will become the Latin Detroit in like 10 years

Thank goodness deserts and Mountains separate California from the rest of the country

How soon will all Roads leading out of California have a Border patrol station ?

Brain of God 2 Umpire_Sam •
That is correct.
Demographics is destiny they say...but if your demographic is illegal, uneducated, and doesn't speak English - and determined to remain so - then good luck.

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