Friday, May 16, 2014

Old White Racists Have a New Mascot: NH Official Who Called Obama the 'N-Word'

Don't worry. Robert Copeland has "criteria" for calling the President that.

We seem to have an epidemic of elderly white racists trying to explain their racism, to give what they believe are considered explanations for their abhorrent beliefs. They have criteria. They’ve thought this whole thing through. They’re not expressing loathsome and ignorant and hateful prejudice; they’ve got fact and reason on their side.

What's up with Joan Walsh, of all people, getting all age-ist? I'm really weary of people being described as old, white--usually male. Why? Because I fit all of these categories and not a single one of those being associated with it. So fuck off, Joan. And take your sleazy magazine with you. I don't know who or what got in your head but you need to shake it off and get back to being you.

So who's the mascot for the black racists? And I don't care if they're young or old....

better living through nihilism NJ Progressive Indie • an hour ago
"while handing down rulings that will inflict more harm on African-Americans"

Yup. Treating them without preferential treatment and forcing them to compete on a level playing field will "inflict more harm on African-Americans"...

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