Monday, May 12, 2014

Ay Arizona !

Why does Tucson continue to throw money away? The black hole known as the TCC
Posted April 29th, 2014 by Three Sonorans & filed under Headline News.

There is one budget item that will also always continue to receive government subsidies and so far has cost the city taxpayers over a hundred million dollars. We are literally throwing money into a hole in the ground known as the Tucson Convention Center. The TCC funding defies capitalism. The invisible hand of the market has spoken, and it seems to have shaken hands with the so-called Curse of the Barrio; the TCC will continue to cost us money and will never be profitable.

So why will our city continue to fund it?

The answer is simple and rooted in recent history. The land where the TCC is on was once the most densely populated barrio in the state and the home of the people who built Tucson.

The barrio was destroyed because of the racism of the city’s Democratic leadership under the guise of the most profitable use of the land. The racism is now apparent since the TCC has proven to not be profitable for decades nor has it ever been, and thus the reason it was destroyed is clear; all the Mexicans that called that place home are gone. Si Schorr, the founder of SALC, continues to justify his action in the 1960s to this day, calling the barrio a blight. It was known as a place filled with drunk Mexicans and Indians.

Now downtown is turning into a place that caters primarily to drunk college students, but they are from a more desirable demographic to Tucson’s developers.

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