Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Satire ?.....Bored GOP Vetting Rand Paul Just To Kill Time Before Viable 2016 Candidate Emerges

WASHINGTON—Calling the rigorous evaluation process “something to do” for the time being, bored Republican Party officials told reporters Friday they’ve decided to go ahead and vet prospective 2016 presidential contender Rand Paul in order to kill a little time before a viable candidate emerges. “It’s still pretty early, and honestly we don’t have much else to do right now, so we figured we might as well assess Rand Paul’s background and political profile until someone who actually has a decent chance of getting elected comes along,”

The Onion (satire)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

NY Times: Using Jailed Migrants as a Pool of Cheap Labor

As the federal government cracks down on immigrants in the country illegally and forbids businesses to hire them, it is relying on tens of thousands of those immigrants each year to provide essential labor — usually for $1 a day or less — at the detention centers where they are held when caught by the authorities.

The federal authorities say the program is voluntary, legal and a cost-saver for taxpayers. But immigrant advocates question whether it is truly voluntary or lawful, and argue that the government and the private prison companies that run many of the detention centers are bending the rules to convert a captive population into a self-contained labor force.

Last year, at least 60,000 immigrants worked in the federal government’s nationwide patchwork of detention centers — more than worked for any other single employer in the country, according to data from United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement, known as ICE. The cheap labor, 13 cents an hour, saves the government and the private companies $40 million or more a year by allowing them to avoid paying outside contractors the $7.25 federal minimum wage. Some immigrants held at county jails work for free, or are paid with sodas or candy bars, while also providing services like meal preparation for other government institutions.

“This in essence makes the government, which forbids everyone else from hiring people without documents, the single largest employer of undocumented immigrants in the country,” said Carl Takei, a lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union’s National Prison Project.


Friday, May 23, 2014

Police killings of Hispanics spark protests in Salinas, California

(CNN) -- The central California city of Salinas is being rocked with unrest and violence after protesters accused police of racism and brutality in the fatal shootings of three Latino men since March, including one captured on grainy video this week.

Demonstrations peaked Wednesday night when a man was shot to death outside his home near an anti-police protest. The circumstances of that shooting, which did not involve police, are being investigated, police said.


unbeguiled •
Verminous Mexicans. They are the roaches of the human race. This is what happens when they come to believe that they are immune from law and law enforcement. It is time to bring the ICE trucks back into the barrios. Arrest illegal aliens, put them in jail, deport them and their anchor children and put them on a bus back to Mexico.

ckfree •
I have a very simple and inexpensive way to get these POS rioters to go away, have ICE there to check ID's, watch them scatter like roaches when you turn on the lights

Umpire_Sam •
Liberal sanctuary loving California now has the population it deserves
Salinas will become the Latin Detroit in like 10 years

Thank goodness deserts and Mountains separate California from the rest of the country

How soon will all Roads leading out of California have a Border patrol station ?

Brain of God 2 Umpire_Sam •
That is correct.
Demographics is destiny they say...but if your demographic is illegal, uneducated, and doesn't speak English - and determined to remain so - then good luck.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cottage Cheese Recall Issued By Kraft Foods After Manufacturing Mishap

Kraft Foods Group is recalling some of its cottage cheese products, company officials announced Saturday.

Some ingredients used in Knudsen Cottage Cheese, Breakstone's Cottage Cheese, Simply Kraft Cottage Cheese and Daily Chef Cottage Cheese were not stored in accordance with proper temperature standards at a Tulare, California, manufacturing facility, they said.

While unlikely, the failure to properly store ingredients might have created conditions that could lead to premature spoilage and food-borne illness, Kraft said. The Northfield, Illinois, company voluntarily recalled 1.2 million cases of the cottage cheese as a precaution.

The products, with a coded date between May 9 and July 23 stamped on them, were only shipped to stores in the United States. The codes can be found on the cup bottoms or on top of the packages.

Anyone who purchased these products should not eat them. They can be returned to the stores where they were bought for exchanges or full refunds.

For more information about the recall, call Kraft at 1-800-396-6307 between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. EDT.


The Problem With the Republican Party Today

As much as it pains me to make this statement, it hurts more knowing that the Republican Party is destroying America through its histrionics and predetermined inaction.

Over the past six years, there has been an execrable assault launched on President Obama and his presidency. While searching for scandal after scandal, members from the Republican Party have forsaken their duties in working for the best solutions to alleviate our nation's numerous issues.

The political party once associated with the eponymous President Abraham Lincoln has become the voice of extremism and vulgarity.

Most Republicans can argue until they're red in the face that this isn't the case, but the visceral images we continue to see, and the truculent rhetoric used by their party's representatives suggests otherwise.

Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Republican brass stated on day one that their primary goal was to make President Barack Obama a one-term president. Despite all of their puissant efforts, the president was successful on issues, ranging from the rebirth of the auto industry to affordable healthcare, as well as his bid for a second term.

Let's be clear: He has received not an inkling of help in all these matters from the other side of the isle. During the first two years of his term, he wanted to work in a bi-partisan manner, but each time the olive branch was extended; it was ignored.

Since Speaker John Boehner has assumed control in Congress, the level of ineptitude in passing legislation for raising the minimum wage, renewing unemployment insurance, implementing gun control measures, and passing meaningful immigration reform has overwhelmed the Republican Party. They're living in their collective bubbles where facts are foreign and lies are commonplace. This current Congress is on pace to become the most otiose in the history of this nation.

A government continuously operating under crisis mode can't be what our founding fathers envisioned two hundred and thirty eight years ago. It seems most Republicans have a superficial interest in making the three branches of U.S. government work for the good of every citizen. We've elected men and women to positions of power who are influenced more by the power of a dollar rather than the power of the people.

Money has always been the common denominator in politics, but it is destroying the fabric of our democracy. In our current political climate, there is one political party fighting to preserve altruism to their plutocracy while the other political party galvanizes around what's left of a fleeing democracy.

The recent rulings on campaign contributions handed down by a conservative laden Supreme Court are continuing their willful destruction. Another example is, the conspicuous amount of legislation being passed through Republican-led state legislatures across the nation to repress voting rights, women's rights, and public education. They must have a zany thirst to be on the wrong side of history.

Furthermore, their unremitting abuse of the Constitution and rules within the House and Senate has allowed them to successfully manacle anything that the Democratic Party has put forth as a form of legislation to pass into law. Moderate voices, balanced budgets, and common sense are retired notions. Gerrymandering congressional districts has become the Republican Party's formula for success. They've fallen victim to fanatical right wing media voices and their monotonous agendas. Lacking a progressive direction and diversity (of thought, gender, class and race) within their ranks will be their ultimate undoing.

Some Republicans have acknowledged that, if they don't make sweeping changes in their attitudes toward minorities, their party will become extinct. It would benefit the country to have a legitimate, viable second option to choose from that has the best interests of everyone in mind. Until this happens, the future of America and her citizens will stand on shaky ground.

It is up to the American people to decide if they want to keep their front row seats to this dysfunctional circus or demand a change this November.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Chipotle bans firearms at restaurants after Texas demonstration

(Reuters) - Chipotle Mexican Grill will no longer allow firearms in its restaurants after gun-rights activists posed with military-style assault rifles at one of its Texas outlets, the company said on Tuesday.

The Denver-based chain said in a statement that a recent open-carry demonstration at a Dallas-area restaurant caused its customers "anxiety and discomfort," and prompted the policy change.

"Because of this, we are respectfully asking that customers not bring guns into our restaurants, unless they are authorized law enforcement personnel," company spokesman Chris Arnold said.

true A gun-control group, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, launched a petition drive on social media demanding that Chipotle halt the practice after photographs depicting the Texas demonstration surfaced on the Internet.

"Moms want to know that when we take our families out to eat burritos, we won't be confronted with bullets," the group's founder, Shannon Watts, said in a statement announcing the campaign. "We support the Second Amendment but we also need to feel safe and secure in the places we take our children."


Monday, May 19, 2014

YIKES !.....Thousands of dead fish blanket waters of Marina del Rey

Workers had a stinky cleanup on their hands Sunday after thousands of foul-smelling dead fish floated to the surface in a small corner of Marina del Rey.

Heaps of small fish washed up overnight, forming a carpet of carcasses among docks and boats in Basin A of the harbor, near Bora Bora Way.

“There were thousands of anchovies blanketing the surface,” said Michael Quill, community programs manager for the environmental group Los Angeles Waterkeeper, who was preparing to take a group of high school students on a boat trip Sunday morning when he encountered the spectacle. “It was just a sheet of silver.”


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Obama Haters...30 Million Patriots on the Mall

The first picture is of the demonstration at the White House. There were 12 people there.

The second picture is of a crowd marching from the Washington Monument to an area on the Mall in front of the American History Museum.

The organizers were allocated approximately 1 block to accommodate their 30 Million. Also, they would have had to take out a permit. This size of space would have required a permit for only 5k - 10K people.

I used the counting tool in Photoshop to sample the size of the march in the photo. I have the crowd at about 300 people.
If you do the math, you will find that only 1 in 100K of the people expected actually showed up. That is one ten thousandth of one percent of the number the organizers were claiming.

Certainly a few more will show up - maybe as many as a thousand! But it is unlikely to be enough to arrest Obama and overthrow the government in an act of "patriotism". Such an assault on the government would seem to be more of an act of treason, which is pretty much the opposite of patriotism. But never fear - It was all just another teabagger wet dream wildly divergent from reality, rooted in ignorance, and based on a staggering level of innumeracy.


Friday, May 16, 2014

Old White Racists Have a New Mascot: NH Official Who Called Obama the 'N-Word'

Don't worry. Robert Copeland has "criteria" for calling the President that.

We seem to have an epidemic of elderly white racists trying to explain their racism, to give what they believe are considered explanations for their abhorrent beliefs. They have criteria. They’ve thought this whole thing through. They’re not expressing loathsome and ignorant and hateful prejudice; they’ve got fact and reason on their side.

What's up with Joan Walsh, of all people, getting all age-ist? I'm really weary of people being described as old, white--usually male. Why? Because I fit all of these categories and not a single one of those being associated with it. So fuck off, Joan. And take your sleazy magazine with you. I don't know who or what got in your head but you need to shake it off and get back to being you.

So who's the mascot for the black racists? And I don't care if they're young or old....

better living through nihilism NJ Progressive Indie • an hour ago
"while handing down rulings that will inflict more harm on African-Americans"

Yup. Treating them without preferential treatment and forcing them to compete on a level playing field will "inflict more harm on African-Americans"...




Dear Sonia,

Gmail users, watch out for this dangerous new phishing scam.
Gmail scams Claiming to be from Google, the email's subject line includes "Mail Notice" or "Lookout Notice". The urgent message warns that you will be locked out of your account in 24 hours, due to exceeding email storage quota, and includes a link to increase your storage automatically.

That bogus link redirects you to a phony Google login page where you're asked to enter your credentials. According to CNBC, this particular attack is so dangerous because it is uniquely structured to make the phishing link extremely difficult to spot.

With access to your Gmail account, scammers can make purchases on Google Play, use your Google+ account, access your Google Drive documents and more.
Protect yourself with three easy don'ts:
Don't open emails from unknown senders,
Never click on unknown links, and
Do not type your password anywhere that you haven't verified as a legitimate site. If you are unsure, go directly to the account's official page to verify facts.
If you've received this scam email, or others like it, report to Google here.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of identity theft or fraud, contact the AARP Foundation Fraud Fighter Center at 877-908-3360.

Kristin Keckeisen
Fraud Watch Network

Wapo: Tea party group backs immigration reform (!)

Putting one more nail in the coffin of the game labeling conservatives ”tea party” and “establishment,” a cross-section of GOP groups came out in favor of passing immigration reform this year. In a memo entitled “Partnership for a New American Economy, Americans for Tax Reform, and Tea Party Express Release New Poll Showing Tea Party Voters Want Immigration Reform This Year,” the three groups kicked off a monthly push in which diverse conservative groups will press the case for immigration reform. The e-mail reads in part:......



Put it to a national vote whether Americans want to extend government benefits ($$) to millions of uneducated, unskilled, welfare dependent thieves.

USA Citizen born in NJ
Those numbers are all lies, the American people didn't vote 70 % for illegals to get path to citizenship. liars all of them all liars and sellouts.

LOL...What utter BS. If independent polling indicated passing amnesty would result in anything less than political suicide for Republicans it would have passed long ago.

Republicans can enjoy a return to the Majority in the Senate and solid backing from their base. Or they can satisfy the cheap labor pimps and the Chamber of Commerce.

The day the GOP passes amnesty is the day it becomes irrelevant as a political party.

This issue should be an IQ test for Republicans. If anyone believes that bringing these illegals to legal status will net the Republican candidates any votes, that person should be institutionalized for their own protection. The best thing they can do is deport and in that way they shrink the Democratic base.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Fav Ann Coulter pic


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Psst !.... Ladies

Avon Recalling: Eyelash Curlers Could Break and Cause Injury

Avon is recalling nearly 520,000 eyelash curlers sold in the U.S. and Canada due to the risk for eye injury.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said Tuesday that the ergonomic eyelash curler can break, exposing a metal pin, which could then hurt the user.


​Read The Witty Suggestion An Advice Columnist Gives To A Homophobic Parent


Educated in Arizona


Monday, May 12, 2014

What would you do ?


By Henry Barajas — May 9, 2014

Attention independent filmmakers of the world: The Loft Cinema is currently accepting submissions for the 5th annual Loft Film Fest. This year's festival will take place on October 16 through October 19. Here's your chance to send in your short, feature films, or documentaries played among some of the eclectic films from all over the globe.

Each year keeps getting better, and I'm excited to see what special guests they have lined up for this year.
Special guests of The Loft Film Fest have included acclaimed contemporary filmmakers such as Carlos Reygadas, Alex Cox, Chris Eyre, Don Coscarelli, The Zellner Brothers, Bobcat Goldthwait, Kirby Dick and Richard Kelly; celebrated actors including Griffin Dunne, Rosanna Arquette, Robert Carradine and Udo Kier; and industry legends such as Roger Corman, recipient of the 2012 “Lofty Lifetime Achievement Award.”


Ay Arizona !

Why does Tucson continue to throw money away? The black hole known as the TCC
Posted April 29th, 2014 by Three Sonorans & filed under Headline News.

There is one budget item that will also always continue to receive government subsidies and so far has cost the city taxpayers over a hundred million dollars. We are literally throwing money into a hole in the ground known as the Tucson Convention Center. The TCC funding defies capitalism. The invisible hand of the market has spoken, and it seems to have shaken hands with the so-called Curse of the Barrio; the TCC will continue to cost us money and will never be profitable.

So why will our city continue to fund it?

The answer is simple and rooted in recent history. The land where the TCC is on was once the most densely populated barrio in the state and the home of the people who built Tucson.

The barrio was destroyed because of the racism of the city’s Democratic leadership under the guise of the most profitable use of the land. The racism is now apparent since the TCC has proven to not be profitable for decades nor has it ever been, and thus the reason it was destroyed is clear; all the Mexicans that called that place home are gone. Si Schorr, the founder of SALC, continues to justify his action in the 1960s to this day, calling the barrio a blight. It was known as a place filled with drunk Mexicans and Indians.

Now downtown is turning into a place that caters primarily to drunk college students, but they are from a more desirable demographic to Tucson’s developers.


Friday, May 9, 2014

The recall affects Ford Escape SUVs and C-Max crossovers, as well as Chrysler Dodge Caravans and Town & Country minivans.

Ford recalled more than 750,000 Escapes and C-Max vehicles in North America for two separate issues.

One is a software problem that delays the deployment of side airbags when the vehicle rolls over. That affects about 692,500 Ford Escapes from model years 2013 and 2014, as well as about 65,000 C-Max crossover vehicles from the same model years.

All of those Escapes, plus about another 60,000, are also being recalled for a second issue related to malfunctioning door handles.

The exterior door handles can get stuck in the open position, become tough to close, or open while driving. In that instance an indicator light will display on the dashboard and warning chimes will sound, said a Ford (F, Fortune 500) spokeswoman. No C-Max vehicles are recalled for the door issue.

Owners can take their vehicles to the dealer who will reprogram the software and inspect door handles, fixing them if necessary.

No accidents or injuries have been linked to either issue, the company said Friday.

Chrysler Group recalled 780,000 minivans Friday in which switches for third-row power windows can overheat. The problem can happen if the window switch, located on the driver's door, is exposed to moisture.

The recall affects some 2010-2014 Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country minivans. Owners will be contacted directly about when their minivans can be fixed. In the interim, a dealer can disconnect the switches that open and close the third-row power windows.

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