Saturday, March 1, 2014

What does Arizona SB 1062 say about the Republican Party?.

Since losing the 2012 presidential election, the GOP attempted to repair the damage the far-right wing of their party had caused. Even casual political observers saw Mitt Romney’s judgment against 47 percent of Americans as inferior lazy takers as crude and unacceptable.

But instead of repairing the damage caused by extremist candidates, the Republican Party has moved full speed ahead with legislation that reinforces their Aryan race-type vision.

Since then, Republicans with complete control of state houses and governorships have turned the government into an invasive instrument of Big Brother policies that have turned freedom into something Americans have to fight for, rather than enjoy.
Women have lost their constitutional right to access abortion in dozens of states through new restrictive laws. Voting rights have been crushed with voter ID laws that have so many obstacles to obtaining the required ID, it effectively stops them from voting.

The tea party wing of the GOP has moved so far to the right, it could easily be called a fascist movement. American gun owners now have more rights to kill than other Americans have to survive. The working poor are portrayed as a problem to be cut off rather than uplifted. Judgment is passed on social status and wealth, with the rich deeming themselves more worthy. Community spirit has been replaced by self-serving ambition and political correctness has been invalidated.

In addition to limiting free choice, unprecedented obstructionism shows how tenaciously determined Republican radicals are to dismantle the US government from within.

Supporters of “religious freedom” legislation have sent a subtle but unmistakable message that permeates the new Republican-right. The only religion they appear to be defending is Christianity. What does that mean for the millions of Americans who are not Christians? Or practice no religion at all?

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