Monday, February 24, 2014

Stasi: New anti-gay bill proves Arizona is the land of dinosaurs — and bigots

Ari-no-zona: No immigrants, no gays, no nothing.

Somebody call Vladimir Putin ASAP — our countries finally have something to agree upon — anti-gay hatred as a policy.

The new pending law in Arizona, which is not, as it seems, a violation of the Civil Rights Act, but this bill will make it legal without question, for business owners to refuse to sell or provide services to gays and “others” on religious beliefs. In other words, if bigotry is part of the liturgy of your religion, you get to flout the law and violate the civil rights of the 9 million Americans who identify as gay, bisexual, transgender or “other.”

What if “religious conviction” keeps business owners from dealing with “others” such as women, blacks, ethnic minorities, the handicapped and mentally challenged? What about old people, blind people or people of another religion? Would that be OK?

Perhaps the next logical step for Arizona will be to require all gays to wear lavender armbands so that they will be easily identifiable. Armbands worked so well in Nazi Germany that Hitler was able to wipe out 6 million Jews in a very short time.

Imagine what it can do to the gay population, even those passing through.

Armbands would also keep bigots from making a profit off of gay people who could otherwise have spent thousands in their stores or millions on real estate. Of course, gay real estate in Arizona will now be as sought-after as evolution classes for Christian fundamentalists.

No right-thinking human would consider visiting the state or taking their kids there for a vacation, and with any luck, all right-thinking homeowners will get out of a state that dictates hatred.

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