Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Meet The Former 'Liberal Feminist' Who's Now Pushing Arizona's Anti-Gay Bill

According to Herrod, this specification would prevent people from using the bill to discriminate against gays in everyday life and would only allow them to refrain from being involved in promoting gay marriage if it was against their religious beliefs.

“The cake baker, the florist, the dress store owner, the photographer … in almost every one of those situations they would sell a dress to anyone, they would bake a cake for a graduation party or be the photographer for passport photos,” Herrod explained. “It’s when it crosses the line into a wedding where someone feels like that they are participating in the wedding, they are supporting the wedding, they are in a sense using their creative artistic talent to service the wedding. That’s where for many people of faith it crosses the line and they believe that their religious principles withhold that they should not be supporting a wedding.”

Herrod went on to cite other examples where she said the bill would protect peoples’ religious freedom. She pointed to a hypothetical “a Catholic pharmacy owner” who could to refuse to sell the morning after pill.

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