Thursday, February 27, 2014

California Town Shaken as Police Officers Arrested

A California farming town was grappling Wednesday with a profound violation of trust after learning the acting police chief and a handful of officers were charged with selling or giving away the impounded cars of poor Hispanic residents and other crimes.

The misgivings had been building for some time. Investigators heard people — many unable to speak English — complain that police were taking their cars and money, and there was nothing they could do about it.

"I'm not at all surprised by the arrests, I'm just surprised there weren't more charges," restaurateur Vivian Villa said Wednesday in Spanish while sizzling a pan of beef in preparation for the lunch rush. "Now maybe some of them are going to feel what we feel when they target us."

Later in the day, Villa held a meeting in her little restaurant where about a dozen community members spoke out against police abuse and corruption.


togetthetruth • 15 hours ago
How many of the so called victims were illegal and didn’t even have a California Drivers License. I guess if you’re Latino you can break the laws? I have no sympathy for these lowlife moochers!

augustoperez • 21 hours ago
As long as they continue impounding the vehicles of those who drive without insurance or a Driver's License. This should be done regardless of their demographics. As for the vehicles, they can be considered a stimulus program to encourage the cops to do their duty and paperwork. I'm cool with it.

jnttttt . • a day ago
Justice served, these are illegal immigrants, everything they have should be seized by whoever wants their stuff. Drive them back to the Mexican border with nothing, and let them go in the desert. A beating needs dropped on them as well. Illegal immigrants are not welcome, these police officers should be role models for our whole country.

jnttttt . jxs9 • 8 hours ago
Those groups aren't illegal, Illegal immigrants are, the Rico Statute should apply, take away all of their profits from their illegal activities, which is being in this country illegally, seize everything they have, and give them the boot. Send them into the wastelands of Mexico with no car. In the old west, town sheriffs got a percentage of fines, ask Wyatt Earp.

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