Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kids will be kids.....Really ?

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Daniel N. (danielnedelcu): "Ok so those reprobates decide to show the entire world what intellectual losers they are...but since when is it a crime to be dumb? Since when is political correctness above the rule of law? Officials from the school have to meet with officials from Obama and officials from the UN...this is getting so out of hand...I could only imagine what horrible consequences that fraternity would have had to suffer if they would have make fun of Jesus...!!??" (huffpost)

gregsloan88 at 9:01 AM January 22, 2014
Every year on St. Patricks day all races do stero-typical stuff of my people and you don't see me or other Irish people get all bent out of shape. People need to stop with this PC crap and everything is racism bullcrap. Morons.(LA Times)

ryandanii at 7:13 AM January 22, 2014
It appears that my college fraternity has raised a ruckus. Having a Toga party or Halloween party is ok, but having a "hip-hop" party is not. If you perpetuate an image, then get offended when someone uses it, then don't perpetuate the image, and free speech is in the Constitution.
If a black fraternity wanted to imitate a white fraternity by dressing up as average college students in average classroom clothing, we should be offended and kick them off campus according to this tiny group of complainers. But my speculation makes me a racist as opposed to an observationist.............(LA Times)

ourchildrensfuture? at 7:00 AM January 22, 2014
I reside in Phoenix and Maupin has been tutored by Jesse Jackson. He targets ASU's football fundraising campaign b/c it is high profile and more opportunities to grow his business (race) by shaking down boosters and donors. This morning it was reported that this is the #1 national priority for the NAACP, Op Push (Jackson), the congressional black caucus and Mr Sharpton himself. So, fasten your seat belts America. This story will dominate the broadcast news networks for at least a week. And all of this just 2 days after obama released a statement claiming "racial tensions in America" have definitely impacted his poll numbers. Could this be another racial opportunity that will not go to waste in the Obama admin? (LA Times)

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