Thursday, January 2, 2014

Anonymous Boycott Beneful
by TheAnonMessage

We Are Legion, and we are once again outraged and disgusted over the untimely death of the Family Pet of one of our brothers ( After feeding his yet to be four year old pet the dog food brand Beneful, produced and sold by the Nestle Corporation, His Dog became extremely ill. Within a week, all of her bodily functions shut down. She expressed almost every single symptom of Carbolic Acid poisoning. Which, as it will be no surprise is one of the caustic chemicals used to process rotting protein byproduct to make a base for their food. The Symptoms Expressed before her horrific and miserable decent were as follows: - Apparent Bladder and Kidney Failure - Decreased urine output then no urine output - Yellowing eyes - Gastrointestinal Breakdown - What appeared to be severe abdominal pain - Bloody stools - Diarrhea - Nausea - Stomach pain - Vomiting - Rapid heart rate - Deep, rapid breathing - Lack of alertness - Heavy sweating - ... (More)

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