Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What say ye ole......teaparty animals and wise birthers ?

Ted Cruz birth certificate released | Senator born in Canada, U.S. citizen | - News for Dallas, Texas - The Dallas Morning News

WASHINGTON — Born in Canada to an American mother, Ted Cruz became an instant U.S. citizen. But under Canadian law, he also became a citizen of that country the moment he was born.
Unless the Texas Republican senator formally renounces that citizenship, he will remain a citizen of both countries, legal experts say.

That means he could assert the right to vote in Canada or even run for Parliament. On a lunch break from the U.S. Senate, he could head to the nearby embassy — the one flying a bright red maple leaf flag — pull out his Calgary, Alberta, birth certificate and obtain a passport.

“He’s a Canadian,” said Toronto lawyer Stephen Green, past chairman of the Canadian Bar Association’s Citizenship and Immigration Section.

'Senseless' shooting of Australian Chris Lane sparks calls for U.S. boycott

Monday, August 19, 2013

Why !.....can't we just all get along ? We'd be dangerous if we did =D

Los Angeles Neighborhood Tries to Change, but Avoid the Pitfalls -

LOS ANGELES — When Juan Romero was a boy in the 1980s, people talked about his neighborhood, Boyle Heights, as a place to escape. The area was besieged by gangs, public schools were struggling, and a vast majority of residents were barely above the poverty line.

These days, the crime rate has plummeted. And while many residents in the largely immigrant neighborhood on the eastern edge of Los Angeles are still struggling to get by, there are signs of rapid change. Primera Taza, a coffee shop Mr. Romero opened, is one of them, evidence of what some local residents call gentefication, as more well-to-do and younger Mexican-Americans return to the neighborhood their parents fled.
The transition has provided a jolt of energy and a transfusion of money, but it has also created friction with working-class residents here. And tensions over just whom this neighborhood belongs to are a clear sign that Latinos have come of age in Los Angeles, where they are expected to become the majority this year. The changes highlight strong class divisions that continue — or are even worsened — among immigrants.

Friday, August 16, 2013

O.C. braces for 20-hour closure of 405 Freeway near L.A. County -

O.C. braces for 20-hour closure of 405 Freeway near L.A. County -

Residents of Orange County and surrounding areas are girding for a 20-hour closure of a stretch of the 405 Freeway that starts at 9 p.m. Saturday.

Call it the Bridge Bash, the Orange Jam or just a pain. A four-mile stretch of the southbound 405 will be closed between the 605 and 22 freeways, probably until 5 p.m. Sunday . The northbound side will be closed at Valley View Street. Officials warned drivers to stay away, if possible.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bottom line on curb and street repair is bad news for homeowners -

Bottom line on curb and street repair is bad news for homeowners -

"I want my city to keep its obligation to me as a homeowner," Ken Davis said to me in an email. "Been paying taxes for a long time. Make me proud to be a contributing part of Los Angeles."

"I'm a Realtor," Terri told me as we stood near her damaged curb. "If I were selling a house in Culver City and there was a crack in the sidewalk, I could call City Hall to fix it because it's a tripping hazard. And they'd fix it."

Across the street, a "Vote No" sign sits on the front porch at the home of Mike and Kerry Cowden, who would have to fork over $7,343 for curb repair. And by the way, if you vote no, you still have to pay if the "yes" vote wins a simple majority.

Mike Cowden told me that when Bill Rosendahl was running for City Council eight years ago, the candidate knocked on the door asking for support. Mike says his mother asked Rosendahl if he would fix the streets, and when he said yes, she stuck a Rosendahl campaign poster in the frontyard.

Eight years later, Rosendahl has come and gone, the street is worse, and the Cowden family has had to pay for repair of flat tires and car alignment damage caused by the lousy streets.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Best Butchers In L.A.: LAist

The Best Butchers In L.A.: LAist

The relationship one has with their butcher should be a very personal one, where there's a sense of trust and respect for the craft. (Have a go at using a band saw and you'll see why "respect" is an operative word here.) And considering the craziness we know about commercial agriculture and the importance of how animals are raised, its increasingly important to trust your purveyor of protein. So while we hardly have as many butchers as some other major U.S. cities, there are a handful of truly excellent options right here in L.A. Here are our faves. on link to view list

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kids !.... a perfect example of "Diarrhea of The Mouth"

Rep. Steve King Says Latino Immigrants Are From A 'Violent Civilization,' Will Bring 'More Violence' To America | ThinkProgress

At the rally, King said:
If you bring people from a violent civilization into a less-violent civilization, you’re going to have more violence right? It’s like pouring hot water into cold water, does it raise the temperature or not?
King’s characterization of undocumented immigrants as violent individuals is not only offensive, but geographically nonsensical. While some parts of Latin America like Ecuador and Honduras are seeing a rise in crime, King’s claim that individuals become more violent as one moves further south in Latin America is simply false. Chile, one of the largest southern countries in South America has a lower ratio of car theft, punitivity, homicide, and rape than the United States. And Costa Rica, which is further south of Honduras has a low homicide rate.
King’s reference to hot water diluting cold is the same kind of claim that white nativists have made in the past to “preserve” racial purity.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Anti-Obama protesters get racial in Arizona

Anti-Obama protesters get racial in Arizona

Protesters outside President Obama’s event in Arizona on Tuesday taunted the president over his race, with one labeling him ’47 percent Negro’ and others singing “Bye Bye Black Sheep,” according to a report in the Arizona Republic.

Here’s the paper’s recap of the protests outside Desert Vista High School in Phoenix:

Obama foes at one point sang, “Bye Bye Black Sheep,” a derogatory reference to the president’s skin color, while protesters like Deanne Bartram raised a sign saying, “Impeach the Half-White Muslim!”

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Washington Post Reaches the End of the Graham Era -

The Washington Post Reaches the End of the Graham Era -

So after 80 years of control and editorial leadership by the Graham family, The Post began to change ownership Monday, when Mr. Bezos agreed to buy it for $250 million.
The sale, when it is completed, will end the special relationship the paper has had with the nation’s capital. Washington has been through all manner of tumult and change in the last eight decades, with years of racial strife, the resignation of a president, a terrorist attack on the Pentagon and the evaporation of a bipartisan political process.
But through it all, The Washington Post under the Graham family has been a source of both constancy and coverage, a center of gravity and a force in the civic, social and cultural life of a city where many others came and went.

Suit filed challenging at-large voting in Whittier city elections - Whittier Daily News

Suit filed challenging at-large voting in Whittier city elections - Whittier Daily News

WHITTIER - The day before the Whittier City Council was set to meet to discuss threatened voting rights act lawsuits, a suit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court making that claim.
The suit was filed Monday evening by three Latino residents of Whittier and is supported by the Whittier Latino Coalition, which at a June City Council meeting served notice that a lawsuit would be filed if the city did not change its system for municipal elections.
Angie Medina, chairwoman of the Whittier Latino Coalition, said the city's recent actions in hiring a Northern California law firm to advise it on the threatened suit indicated that city officials wanted to delay action as long as possible.

Read more: Suit filed challenging at-large voting in Whittier city elections - Whittier Daily News

Monday, August 5, 2013

WTF is therapy going to do 4 ole Bob ? ?

San Diego Mayor Starting Rehab; Accusers Count Now At 10/

Today's the day San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, who's now been accused by 10 women of sexual harassment, is to start two weeks of treatment at a behavior counseling clinic.

Even though the Democratic mayor will be at an undisclosed location, he apparently won't be completely out of touch. According to San Diego's Union-Tribune, "Filner won't be ceding any authority during his self-imposed therapy sessions and plans to be briefed each morning and night on civic affairs and give direction to city staff."

Saturday, August 3, 2013

CBS channels go dark on Time Warner Cable -

CBS channels go dark on Time Warner Cable -

Unable to come to terms on a new distribution agreement, CBS-owned channels have gone dark on Time Warner Cable systems around the country, including Los Angeles and New York City.

In Los Angeles, the signals of KCBS-TV Channel 2 and KCAL-TV Channel 9 were pulled around 2:15 p.m. Friday. In New York, WCBS-TV, the flagship station of the CBS network, was also off of Time Warner Cable systems.

Other channels that were dropped include the CBS-owned cable channels Showtime and The Movie Channel (TMC). The dispute covers only CBS-owned channels. CBS affiliates that are carried by Time Warner Cable are not part of this fight.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

WSJ's Wireless Savings Calculator

Confused by which wireless plans are right for you? Mobile-phone plans are increasingly complicated. To help you find the best option, the Journal created a comparison tool for those looking to subscribe to one of the four biggest U.S. carriers: AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile.