Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kids !.... a perfect example of "Diarrhea of The Mouth"

Rep. Steve King Says Latino Immigrants Are From A 'Violent Civilization,' Will Bring 'More Violence' To America | ThinkProgress

At the rally, King said:
If you bring people from a violent civilization into a less-violent civilization, you’re going to have more violence right? It’s like pouring hot water into cold water, does it raise the temperature or not?
King’s characterization of undocumented immigrants as violent individuals is not only offensive, but geographically nonsensical. While some parts of Latin America like Ecuador and Honduras are seeing a rise in crime, King’s claim that individuals become more violent as one moves further south in Latin America is simply false. Chile, one of the largest southern countries in South America has a lower ratio of car theft, punitivity, homicide, and rape than the United States. And Costa Rica, which is further south of Honduras has a low homicide rate.
King’s reference to hot water diluting cold is the same kind of claim that white nativists have made in the past to “preserve” racial purity.

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