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How to Tell If It's Time to Euthanize Your Pet - ABC News

How to Tell If It's Time to Euthanize Your Pet - ABC News

My 14-year-old border collie was so crippled with arthritis that I had to lift him out of the car and gently set him on the pavement. One last hug, and full of trust, he struggled across the parking lot to the stranger standing beside an open door.
It was the last time I saw him. Constant pain had taken the joy from his life. Yet until the end, he was my constant companion, in some ways my closest friend, and I wondered if I had done the right thing.
Was I being selfish, having him put down because I could not stand his pain anymore? Could a different vet have given him another year or two? Was killing him really necessary? Doubts. Grief. Guilt.

Nearly all of us have gone through that process, trying to decide if the time has come to let go. It's one of the hardest decisions we ever have to make. Pets are not just other animals. They become members of our family, soul brothers, devoted companions.

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Move over pop....Jr's taking over

Effectiveness of Men's Wearhouse George Zimmer as Spokesperson Was Under Review, Analyst Says - ABC News

Retailer Men's Wearhouse [NYSE: MW] announced that it "terminated" founder and executive chairman George Zimmer, best known to consumers for his hundreds of TV commercials pitching suits.

The company, based in Fremont, Calif., was founded in 1973 by Zimmer. It is one of the country's largest specialty men's retailers with 1,143 stores across the country. The company operates Moores and K&G Stores in addition to its namesake stores.

Zimmer's famous tagline was, "You're going to like the way you look. I guarantee it."

"We believe that despite Zimmer's planned transition to a smaller role at the company, he had difficulty letting go of the reins and the leadership of the business," Jaffe wrote in his note to investors. "We believe that this led to a conflict with the board and his subsequent termination."

 While Zimmer has been the face of the company for decades, accumulating 500 hours of footage, Jaffe said, "The use of Zimmer as spokesperson has, coincidently been under review as management has been evaluating his effectiveness, particularly with the millennial consumer." Zimmer is 64 years old.

Monday, June 17, 2013

The mariachi singer is more American than his critics -

The mariachi singer is more American than his critics -

What does it mean to be an American anyway? Here's a quiz:
On one hand, you have someone who goes before a national audience and shows his love for a country where dreams come true.
On the other, you have an angry mob filled with hatred and racism that, cloaked in the anonymity of Twitter, spews invective at a child.
Now, which do you think represents what it means to be an American? Who do you want to claim? And who would you send packing?
As for the haters, they did what bullies usually do when someone stands up to them. They ran and hid, disabling their Twitter accounts or deleting their comments.
For De La Cruz, who was aware of the comments and the controversy but managed to stay above it, the call-back wasn't political but personal.
"To be invited back to sing the national anthem is just amazing because now I know the San Antonio Spurs like how I sing," Sebastien said. "It makes me feel like I'm doing something legendary."

Supreme Court strikes down Arizona law requiring proof of citizenship to vote - U.S. News

Supreme Court strikes down Arizona law requiring proof of citizenship to vote - U.S. News

The Supreme Court on Monday struck down an Arizona law that requires people to submit proof of citizenship when they register to vote.

The vote was 7-2, with Justice Antonin Scalia writing for the court. Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, two members of the court’s conservative wing, dissented.
Several states said that such a law reduces voter fraud, but civil rights groups said it was an effort to discourage voting by legal immigrants. The case was argued and decided at a time when the country is considering how to change its immigration laws.

The Arizona law, known as Proposition 200, adopted by Arizona voters in 2004, went further than the federal form by requiring applicants to provide proof of citizenship.

Three other states — Alabama, Georgia and Kansas — have almost identical laws and joined Arizona in urging the court to uphold the additional requirements for proof of citizenship.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Fathers Day...ay les va =D

Immigrants and Their Children in the Future Workforce | Center for American Progress

Immigrants and Their Children in the Future Workforce | Center for American Progress

Our nation is in the midst of two great demographic shifts. The largest generation of Americans – Baby Boomers – is reaching retirement age and will leave the workforce en masse within the next two decades. The retirement of the Baby Boom generation will create millions of replacement job openings, even as economic growth creates the need for additional workers to fill newly created jobs. At the same time, our nation is becoming more demographically diverse. Immigrants and their children make up a growing share of the population that will be entering their prime working years over the next two decades. With large numbers of jobs coming open in every sector of the economy and at all skill levels, immigrants and their children will play a vital role in reshaping the workforce, filling essential jobs, and sustaining economic growth....

First the L.A. jails, now foster care -

First the L.A. jails, now foster care -

Los Angeles County Supervisors Gloria Molina, Zev Yaroslavsky and Michael D. Antonovich will be termed out of office next year. Don Knabe will follow two years later. They will leave to their successors the twin challenges they have faced during their tenure: How to break a cycle of injustice and dysfunction to meet the human needs of society's castoffs — the poor, the addicted, the imprisoned, the homeless. And how to reshape county government to meet those needs efficiently and wisely, and to be sure they are solving problems and not exacerbating them.

Can anything be done? There have been so many investigations, reports and reorganizations over the years that have come to nothing. The department has had 17 permanent or temporary directors in the last 25 years. There is a Commission for Children and Families, a Children's Special Investigative Unit, an Inter-Agency Council on Child Abuse and Neglect. There are task forces that report to the Board of Supervisors, panels that bypass the board, a chief executive officer who was placed over the department and then pushed aside. There have been audits. There have been lawsuits. There has been withering reporting from this newspaper and others about children who have been left in homes where they ultimately died, and other children who were taken improperly from their families.

The department seems paralyzed by too many moving parts, too many individuals and agencies at war with one another, pressing their own agendas or ideologies, jockeying for power rather than working for the well-being of children. Every time there is a news story, managers and child welfare workers turn their attention away from their work to respond, to cooperate, to stonewall, to defend themselves. One social worker describes the situation as being like a mechanic trying to figure out what's wrong with a customer's car while the customer is standing over her screaming "Just fix it! Just fix it!"

Click on link 2 view full story

Improving Lives, Strengthening Finances: The Benefits of Immigration Reform to Social Security | Center for American Progress

Improving Lives, Strengthening Finances: The Benefits of Immigration Reform to Social Security | Center for American Progress

On May 21, 2013, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the bipartisan “Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013” by a vote of 13 to 5. In addition to strengthening our border and creating a sensible plan for future immigration, the bill enables the 11 million unauthorized immigrants living in the United States to earn citizenship over time. Legalizing the undocumented population would lead to significant economic gains for all Americans by increasing productivity, wages, and tax revenue and by supporting the creation of new jobs through the growth in consumption and business creation.

In this issue brief, we analyze the impact on the Social Security system of legalizing the undocumented population. Despite the wide body of research that details the economic gains that come with immigration reform, some lawmakers still question the long-term impact of earned legalization on social programs such as Social Security. Bringing undocumented immigrants out of the shadows and allowing them to participate fully in our economy and society will further strengthen many of our country’s social services, both in the immediate future and in the long run. The findings from this brief are clear: If undocumented immigrants acquire legal status and citizenship, they will contribute far more to the Social Security system than they will take out and will strengthen the solvency of Social Security over the next 36 years. (see Figure 1) on link 4 full story

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Public Shaming - Racist Basketball Fans PISSED a Mexican-American Boy Dared to Sing Their National Anthem

Public Shaming - Racist Basketball Fans PISSED a Mexican-American Boy Dared to Sing Their National Anthem

NBA Finals: Mariachi Singer, 11, Taunted by Racist Tweets After Game 3 National Anthem, Talks "Living the American Dream"

Here's a story that will tug at your heart.

Sebastien De La Cruz, nicknamed El Charro de Oro, who first showcased his powerhouse vocals when he competed on America's Got Talent last season as a mariachi singer, was given the opportunity to sing the national anthem during game 3 of the NBA finals between the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs.

However, this 11-year-old's dream come true was interrupted by numerous racist tweets from viewers who were bothered by seeing a Mexican-American performer sing the traditional ballad.

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Oh please !.... let me test drive one of these babies

The bogus Tesla backlash: What if the Internet saves the middle class? -

The bogus Tesla backlash: What if the Internet saves the middle class? -

The headline in the American Conservative invites an immediate rebuke. Of course not! In an era of high gas prices and global warming, how could a stylish electric car that is getting rave reviews from just about everyone possibly be conceived of as a threat?

The answer only gradually becomes clear in writer Jonathan Coppage’s provocative article. Tesla, it turns out, is really just a stand-in for the entire Silicon Valley change-the-world mythologizing apparatus. Like Amazon, like Google, like Facebook, Tesla’s paradigm-busting innovations pose a serious threat to the existing integrity of the social fabric. Want some more anti-Silicon Valley backlash? Here’s a hefty dose, courtesy of everyone’s favorite electric car.

The immediate context for this intriguing argument is Tesla’s ongoing fight, across the United States, with established car dealerships. Tesla wants to sell cars directly from its website, thereby cutting out the middleman.

The middlemen are not amused, and they are leaning on their political connections to squelch the Tesla challenge. In North Carolina, reports Coppage, “the state Senate’s Commerce Committee recently unanimously voted to approve a bill, backed by politically powerful auto dealers, that would prohibit direct sale of automobiles over the Internet.” It is also already against the law in nearly every state, for manufacturers to directly sell their own automobiles, online or off.

Anonymous leaks more NSA documents - The Week

Anonymous leaks more NSA documents - The Week
In response to the bombshell reports that the National Security Agency has been secretly amassing user information from Facebook and Google, hacker collective Anonymous has published what appears to be a trove of NSA documents. (It's unclear if they're classified or not.)

"These documents prove that the NSA is spying on you, and not just Americans," Anonymous writes in a Pastebin post. "They are spying on the citizens of over 35 different countries." The group adds that "these documents contain information on the companies involved in GiG, and Prism."

It might be best to take these with a grain of salt. As Sarah Perez at TechCrunch notes, a cursory glance "doesn't seem to indicate there's much new information in them, as related to the ongoing press coverage of the PRISM program as it stands now."

Take a look at the Pastebin post for yourself here. Download the NSA documents here.

Awww...Sayonara, Jon Stewart -- John Oliver takes over 'The Daily Show'

Traveling to the Middle East to film a movie based on BBC journalist Maziar Bahari’s book Then They Came for Me: 118 Days in Iran’s Most Notorious Prison probably isn’t the best way to beat the heat this summer. Even so, that’s what Jon Stewart is planning to do for the next 12 weeks — and while he’s off directing his first feature, Daily Show correspondent John Oliver will be stepping in to play anchor on Stewart’s Comedy Central series for eight of those weeks. (During the other four, Comedy Central will air reruns.)

Though Oliver has reason to be nervous — he told EW that he hasn’t had any time to practice his host persona in demo shows — you’d never guess it from last night’s final tag, in which the Brit crashed Stewart’s very last Moment of Zen. Something tells me an Oliver-led Daily Show is going to be a little zanier than usual.

Breaking News: U.S. economy adds 175,000 jobs in May

Los Angeles Times | June 7, 2013 | 5:33 AM
But the nation's unemployment rate ticks up to 7.6%.

For the latest information go to
San Onofre nuclear plant will be shut down permanently

Los Angeles Times | June 7, 2013 | 6:57 AM
The San Onofre nuclear power plant will be permanently shut down, Southern California Edison announced today. Two of the units have been shut down since January 2012 after a small leak was detected.

The power plant "has served this region for over 40 years, but we have concluded that the continuing uncertainty about when or if [it] might return to service was not good for our customers, our investors, or the need to plan for our region's long-term electricity needs," Ted Craver, chairman of Edison International, said in a statement

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Better Use of Maricopa County Taxpayer Coin: Joe Arpaio Legal Defense, or Submarine? - Phoenix - News - Valley Fever

Better Use of Maricopa County Taxpayer Coin: Joe Arpaio Legal Defense, or Submarine? - Phoenix - News - Valley Fever

As Sheriff Joe Arpaio's attorney plans to appeal federal Judge G. Murray Snow's ruling that found MCSO guilty of racial profiling, there are some questions you should be asking yourself as a Maricopa County taxpayer.

Our colleague Stephen Lemons reported that the county's shelled out $1,025,241.46 for legal defense in Melendres v. Arpaio, and that number will only grow.

Comments: (here lies the real story )

JoeArpaioFan topcommenter
By the way people, a big immigration raid will be going down within the next 4 days. I'm going to laught out loud whn the illegal aliens are hoarded into the vans and whisked away leaving their anchor-baby brats behind. Then it won't be long before their wives and husbands publically say WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I'm separated - WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. OH PLEEZE!

7 Things to Know About the Government’s Secret Database of Telephone Data

A top secret federal court order reveals that the FBI and the National Security Agency are collecting the cell phone data of millions of Americans. The document, obtained by The Guardian, compels Verizon to send the NSA information about all telephone calls made on the telecom’s network within the United States. Here are seven quick things to know about the secret directive and its implications:

1. What Verizon Shares with the NSA: The court order requires Verizon to provide both the ingoing and outgoing telephone numbers of a given call, unique identifiers of individual phones, the time of the call and its duration. Subscribers’ names, addresses and contact information are not revealed. Calls and texts are also not monitored under the order.

2. Collecting Massive Amounts of Cell Phone Data is Legal, For Now

3. But Telling Americans That Their Data is Being Collected Isn’t Legal

4. The Government Has Done This Before

5. The Current Data Collection Could Involve Other Carriers

6. The Verizon Call You Make Today Could End Up in This Database

Click on link to view full story

Read more:

Chrysler to Recall 630,000 SUVs Worldwide - ABC News

Chrysler to Recall 630,000 SUVs Worldwide - ABC News

Just two days after refusing a government request to recall 2.7 million older-model Jeeps, Chrysler has decided to do two other recalls totaling 630,000 vehicles worldwide.

The automaker will recall more than 409,000 Jeep Patriot and Compass small SUVs across the globe from the 2010 and 2012 model years to fix air bag and seat-belt problems. It's also recalling 221,000 Jeep Wranglers worldwide from 2012 and 2013 to fix transmission fluid leaks, according to documents posted Thursday on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website.

In the Patriots and Compasses, a software error could cause late deployment of the side air bags and seat-belt tightening mechanisms, and that could cause injuries in rollover crashes. Dealers will repair the software for free starting in July.

For Wranglers with 3.6-liter V-6 engines, Chrysler says a power steering fluid line can wear a hole in the transmission oil cooler line. The SUVs can leak fluid, damaging automatic transmissions. Dealers will inspect the lines for free and replace them or install a protective sleeve. The recall begins in July.

Concerned customers in either case can call Chrysler at (800) 853-1403.

On Tuesday, Chrysler refused a request from NHTSA to recall 2.7 million older Jeep Grand Cherokee and Liberty SUVs, saying the vehicles are safe and met federal safety standards when they were built. The government, however, says the 1993-2004 Grand Cherokees and 2002-2007 Liberty models have fuel tanks that can leak and catch fire in rear-end collisions. The tanks are mounted behind the rear axle, which NHTSA says is a design flaw.

Refusing a recall is rare for an automaker, but Chrysler maintains that NHTSA's conclusions are based on flawed data. The company says it's still working with NHTSA to resolve the issue, but the matter could wind up in court.

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The Facts about Carlos Slim | Two Countries One Voice

The Facts about Carlos Slim | Two Countries One Voice

Mexico has a tremendous poor, rural population that could elevate its socio-economic status if it could end Slim's monopolistic practices and achieve better access to reliable and affordable telecommunications.
  • According to the January 2012 Organizations for Co-operation and Development (OECD) study “Review of Telecommunications Policy and Regulation in Mexico,” the country has a tremendous poor, rural population that could increase their socio-economic status given access to resources such as broadband.3
  • It has been consistently proven throughout developing countries that access to services like mobile banking provides a route out of poverty.

Susan Rice Becomes Third African American to Lead National Security - COLORLINES

Susan Rice Becomes Third African American to Lead National Security - COLORLINES

This morning, President Obama announced that he would be assigning the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice to the role of national security advisor, a position left open when Tom Donilon resigned from the post. In her new role, Rice will work directly with President Obama from the White House as his senior advisor on national security matters, and operates from the White House’s “Situation Room” during times of crisis.

As national security advisor to Obama, she does not need to be confirmed by the Senate nor win the approval of special interests. She’s expected to take up the West Wing of the White House in July. She is the third African American to assume this role. The first was Gen. Colin Powell, who served under Ronald Reagon in the late 1980s. Like Powell, Rice is of Jamaican lineage. She is also the second African-American woman for national security advisor, after Condoleezza Rice who served under George W. Bush.

Dear IRS

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Obama to McConnell: Let Judicial Wars Begin

Obama to McConnell: Let Judicial Wars Begin | Hawkings Here

Using the Rose Garden as his backdrop and arranging to stand beside his choices for the Washington federal appeals court were two clear symbolic signals from President Barack Obama today that he’s making victory in the judicial wars a top-tier objective for the year.

Top Republicans are making just as clear a commitment to their side of the fight, meaning the threat of a Senate “nuclear” showdown will grow in the months ahead.

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell warned this morning that any assertive, outside-the-normal process to change the rules and do away with judicial filibusters would poison whatever small measure of good will is left in the Senate. It would make it essentially impossible for him to trust anything Majority Leader Harry Reid says in the future.

McConnell did not say so explicitly, but it seems no doubt that Republicans plan to block the nominees Obama put forward. And the president made clear he knows what to expect.

Monday, June 3, 2013

David Plouffe Attacks Darrell Issa: Calls Congressman 'Mr. Grand Theft,' 'Insurance Swindler'

"@davidplouffe David Plouffe: Strong words from Mr Grand Theft Auto and suspected arsonist/insurance swindler. And loose ethically today."

June 2, 2013 10:00 pm via Twitter for iPhone Reply Retweet Favorite

Plouffe's "grand theft auto" ad hominem refers to larceny charges the congressman faced in 1972 for allegedly stealing a Maserati sports car. The charges were eventually dropped. The "arson" claim, meanwhile, dates back to a 1982 fire that torched a warehouse Issa used to store electronics from his car-alarm business. Investigators at the time deemed the fire "suspicious," but Issa was never charged with fraud, and eventually settled with the insurance company out of court.

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Things to Know About Being an Estate Executor or Administrator

Things to Know About Being an Estate Executor or Administrator - AARP

Life is complicated, but it turns out death is complicated, too.

Winding up the lifelong financial affairs of a deceased loved one often requires generous amounts of patience, free time and organizational smarts. The skills of a sleuth may be needed to uncover assets tucked away or forgotten. And even then, things are sometimes missed.

It's natural to feel honored if a friend or relative asks you to serve as executor, or personal representative, as the position is also called. If the person is near death, the urge to say yes is all the more pressing. But given the complexities of the role, it's crucial that you take it on only if you feel fully capable. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you do.

1. Do you have the time?

2. Do you have the skills?

3. Do you have the temperament?

4. Do you know the rules?

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