Saturday, May 11, 2013

NRA members should protest organization’s leadership | A Better Iowa

NRA members should protest organization’s leadership | A Better Iowa

As the gun rights advocates rhetoric continues, it seems they love to quote the second amendment and hold up the constitution as the Holy grail they use as a prop. Somehow the message that with rights come responsibilities seems to be missing from their equation. Just like having the right to vote, you also have the responsibility to be an informed voter. This means doing your research, reading the candidates’ positions on a variety of topics relevant to our nation, our state and our community. The same thing should be true for responsible gun ownership. With the right to bear arms, you must also bear the responsibility of owning a weapon that is lethal.

The accounts in recent days of guns getting into the hands of “babies” should sicken even the most ardent gun enthusiast. Loaded guns have no place in any household and especially not in one with young children or juveniles. This is not what was meant by the second amendment. It did not mean at all costs and without any kind of responsible behavior.
Often we hear of citizens who think their rights trump everyone else’s. This is simply not true. The National Rifle Association needs a reality check and should represent their members instead of the gun manufacturers. At their recent annual meeting in Houston, with the theme of “Stand and Fight” one need only think about the mindset of those ready and willing to do exactly that. This does not sound like people who wish to work together for the common good. This is more a call to arms.

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