Saturday, March 30, 2013

KKK plans rally in Memphis Saturday to celebrate white peoples' rights

KKK plans rally in Memphis Saturday to celebrate white peoples' rights

MEMPHIS, TN - There is a lot to be angry about if you're in the Ku Klux Klan.

As local leader of the Loyal White Knights, Edward the Exalted Cyclops organized a barbecue last month to make plans for Saturday's demonstration to show that white people still have rights.

Edward curses sparingly, drinks rarely, and keeps his hair clipped short -- his tribute to his old-fashioned Christian values. With a voice to match his hulking frame, Edward issues commands, not requests, and rarely bookends his sentences with "please" or "thank you."

Edward asked not to be identified by his full name because of concerns for the safety of his family and his business, which he suspects would suffer if people knew he is in the Klan.......(Pussy ! )

There's so many coming, it's hard for me to keep track of 'em," said Imperial Wizard Chris Barker, who is the head of the Loyal White Knights, which has a presence in 15 states, mostly east of the Mississippi.

Barker refers to the rally as a "white unity event," and a protest of the council's attempt "to erase white people out of the history books."

To Barker and Edward, the Klan's agenda is pretty simple: Send the immigrants back where they came from, silence the homosexuals and the communists (known as liberals today), promote sobriety and abstinence, end abortion, and discourage the mingling of races in a way "God never intended."

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