Friday, December 7, 2012

Los Angeles freeway toll lanes -

Los Angeles freeway toll lanes -
The Metro ExpressLanes project is designed to improve travel times by expanding and enhancing transit options along the Harbor Freeway and the San Bernardino Freeway. The project aims to increase the capacity of the 110 and the 10 by opening the carpool lanes to solo drivers willing to pay a toll. (The 10 ExpressLanes are to open early next year.)

The project converts 11 miles of high occupancy vehicle, or HOV, lanes on the 110 (between Adams Boulevard and the 91 Freeway) and 14 miles of HOV lanes on the 10 (between Alameda Street and the 605) into high occupancy toll, or HOT, lanes. Because the ExpressLanes electronically assesses tolls for solo drivers, all vehicles must have a FasTrak® transponder.

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