Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How will you vote ?

California Progressive Voter Guide

Dear Sonia,
In this election, Californians will vote on eleven ballot initiatives, making our state ground zero for key battles crucial to the progressive agenda nationwide.

We'll be voting YES to increase taxes and save our schools (Prop. 30), end the death penalty (Prop. 34), and label GMOs (Prop. 37). And we'll be voting NO to stop Prop. 32, a dangerous ballot initiative backed by a secretive SuperPAC with direct connections to the Koch Brothers.

In short, CREDO recommends:

•Prop. 30: YES
•Prop. 32: NO
•Prop. 33: NO
•Prop. 34: YES
•Prop. 35: YES
•Prop. 36: YES
•Prop. 37: YES
•Prop. 39: YES

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