Friday, September 14, 2012

Julianna Joss: New York Soda Ban: Education Over Limitations

Julianna Joss: New York Soda Ban: Education Over Limitations
The intention of this ban is to promote healthier lifestyles and to combat the growing problem of obesity in the United States. While the reasoning behind this prohibition seems reasonable, several problems are evident.

The main issue is that it oversimplifies an extremely complex problem. The cause of obesity cannot be traced to one drink or food, or its respective size. Health and wellness all make up a daily lifestyle that is dictated by an individual's choices. A consumer who consistently drinks an extra-large soft drink may also eat sugary, fattening foods on a daily basis. Paradoxically, some hale and hearty individuals may carry out a generally healthy life, but soda is their splurge or treat.

Additionally, taking away any kind of freedom engenders negative morale and retaliation that will ultimately create the opposite effect of what is intended. Forcing or imposing limits is not a solution -- rather, empowering and educating individuals to make wise choices makes much more sense.

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