Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WHAT !....Arizona Mayor hopes for big business with Mexico - KGUN9.com

Tucson Mayor hopes for big business with Mexico - KGUN9.com
Some of Arizona's leaders want to do big business with Mexico, but with Governor Brewer's recent controversial comments, is there a chance that will happen?

Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild says, it needs to. Right now, Arizona doesn't even make the list of the top five U.S. states that imports and exports with Mexico. In an unprecedented trip to Mexico, Mayor Rothschild, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton and Phoenix City Manager David Cavazos delivered key messages to Mexico's leaders about improving trade to benefit both sides.

"I also delivered the message that Tucson is not interested in demonizing Mexico, Mexicans, or people of Mexican descent. We are partners and should work together" said Mayor Rothschild. He added, if Tucson can become the main port for trade with Mexico it could mean more jobs and billions of dollars for our local economy.

Tucson residents think it's a brilliant move. "I definitely agree... and being from California we have to get it to California's level of imports and exports" said David Cohen.

But Nogales resident William Monaghan is skeptical. While he thinks it's a great idea he believes that the damage from some state leaders has been done. "There's a degree of prejudice against Mexican-Americans and Immigrants which is terribly unfair. There's animosity and it's an animosity that is deserved" he said.

mrmikejohnson - Aug 20, 2012 9:59 PM Jonathan Rothschild is completely delusional. He thinks trading with Mexico is going to bring "billions" of dollars to Tucson? LOL! Talk about a medical marijuana filled pipe dream. The Dems constantly prove that they can't handle economic issues.
    arizonajim - Aug 20, 2012 11:31 PM What is controversial about the Governors statement?the law is the law. Us Americans are sick and tired of hearing about the poor illegal criminal alien leeches. We have millions of Americans out of work so why do we want to import workers? WAKE UP 9

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