Monday, July 30, 2012

New Arizona abortion law complicates fetal-defect cases

New Arizona abortion law complicates fetal-defect cases

Under a new Arizona abortion law that takes effect Thursday, more babies with fatal fetal defects are expected to be carried to term, even though they will die within minutes, hours or days. But more will also be done to help their families get through the trauma of losing a child.

Eight other states also ban abortions after 20 weeks, but Arizona is the only one with a law that actually pushes the ban back to 18 weeks into the pregnancy.


TakeFive: Just more Republican war against women. I can't think of a worse intrusion and theft of one's personal liberties than this. Disgusting their attitude towards women.

Sad state of state affairs.

NYCtoAZ: @ az research: I also know many Catholic Democrats that are pro-life, but overall this is an issue of the Christian conservative wing of the Republican party. They try to legislate morality per their religious doctrine in mainstream politics. This is just as dangerous as allowing other religions to do the same. Morality can't and shouldn't be legislated. Personal freedoms and liberties should trump moral opinion at every legal facet of American society.

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