Saturday, November 12, 2011

DU: No water or power for illegal immigrants -

DU: No water or power for illegal immigrants -

Decatur Utilities now prohibits illegal immigrants from obtaining electric, gas, water or sewer service, an official said Friday.

Stephen Pirkle, DU business manager and chief financial officer, said DU previously required residents seeking utilities to provide identification, but their immigration status was not relevant.

“We did not document or confirm whether or not they were citizens or aliens here legally,” Pirkle said. “Because of the new law, we are now going through the process to confirm that they are either a citizen or an alien here legally.

“If not, we will deny them service.”

Same in Huntsville

Huntsville Utilities also has instituted a policy of denying service to illegal immigrants, said Bill Yell, its communications director.


PEGGY wrote:
There's no room for anyone that would break the laws of this country.

tbone from wrote:
why did,nt we do this all the time ? sure have made our neighborhood a lot quieter and less crowded and less crime

SVIVAR9087 wrote:
Hate is never the solution !

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    Instead of going into the contentious issues of a hundred billion dollars plus spent on supporting the illegal immigration invasion; the overcrowded schools, the free hand-outs of health care treatment and criminals arriving here, the instant citizenship for children of illegal parents, so they can get welfare and a foothold in America.--MANDATORY E-Verify can solve the majority financial problems, by enacting the 'LEGAL WORKFORCE ACT' (bill H.R.2885) It has taken years through complete indifference by our politicians, to get in this political mess. We will not get out of this mess overnight. But Rep. Smith's sponsored law is gaining momentum, as he only needs 43 more supporters. Those not working and want a job should get into the action and phone 202-224-3121. This is the Washington switchboard that can direct you to all House Representatives responsible for moving Chairman Lamar Smith's ‘Legal Workforce Act’ (bill H.R.2885) to the house floor. E-Verify main empowerment, causing self-deportations. Simply speaking--if you cannot be verified through E-Verify, then you cannot be hired. If you are flagged, your option is to rectify the problem by talking to the Social Security administration people. THIS WILL DISPLACE ILLEGAL WORKERS FROM JOBS NATIONWIDE, ALLOWING CITIZENS AND LAWFUL RESIDENTS TO TAKE THEIR PLACE.

    Become a TEA PARTY member and see what you can do to halt this economic chaos, with billions of dollars annually going as free public assistance, to illegal aliens who break our laws. The TEA PARTY will enforce our immigration laws and construct the fence(s) as originally enacted in 2006. Thousands of Hispanics have joined the TEA PARTY, whose families go back generations. Only the households that have something to hide are moving towards the Obama administration. People, who respect the laws of the land, have no commitment to illegal immigration and are adamantly opposed to even their own race, color, faith if they broke the law.
    Be vigilant when voting as our government is ignoring that illegal aliens are voting and could be grossly detrimental in close races. This is perjury and is prosecuted with fines and prisons, but Democrats and liberals overlook this law.