Sunday, November 20, 2011

Daily Kos: Backsliding into Jim Crow in Alabama

Daily Kos: Backsliding into Jim Crow in Alabama

When I see the words "Jim Crow," I think of the south, of segregation, of black codes, of a minstrel show song.

When I think of Alabama and segregation those images run the gamut of violence—little girls in a bombed church in Birmingham, Bull Connor, marchers being hosed.

They are stark images, in black and white.

The people are black and white as well.

It seems that we have slid backwards to those days in Alabama—except perhaps we should reference "Juan Crow" now, instead of Jim.

When I think of Alabama's racial history, and those who tilled its soil in the past, first as enslaved people and then after emancipation as sharecroppers, it is yet another study in black and white: (Click on link for full story)

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