Thursday, October 20, 2011

Strapped ranchers abandon horses - Home

Strapped ranchers abandon horses - Home

TUCSON (KGUN9- TV) - Horse rescues are asking for a leg up, as more people can no longer afford to care for their animals. Some people have even resorted to turning their horses loose in the desert to die.

Heart of Tucson horse rescue owner Judy Glore says she is doing all she can to help the growing problem. Their ranch is full, with 26 horses, and 15 more in foster care.

"There's a lot more horses that are being dumped out in the desert. We're getting lots of calls on horses. People wanting us to take the horses in," she said, "but the problem is we're full."

Part of the reason is because filling up the horses can be costly. The rescue spends $4 thousand a month, mostly on food. The price of ha bale of hay has doubled in the past year, from $9 to $18. It's expected to keep rising.

As a result, some horse owners are having trouble caring for their own, often times neglecting the problem until it's too late.

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