Sunday, July 3, 2011

What if it were your city ?...Amid pay cuts, 3 city employees get raises

Amid pay cuts, 3 city employees get raises

Most city workers are facing furloughs and pay cuts, but three employees close to City Manager Mike Letcher are getting raises.

One, Finance Director Kelly Gottschalk, is being promoted to an assistant city manager position newly created for her, with an $11,000 raise to bring her salary to $158,000.

Deputy Budget Director Joyce Garland got a $6,000 raise, putting her at $81,400. And Public Information Officer Michael Graham is to receive a raise of $3,400, making his salary $70,600.

Gottschalk's and Garland's raises are 7.5 percent, while Graham's would be 5 percent.

Letcher, who approved the raises, said they were based on the employees being promoted or taking on additional duties. He said he took the money from savings created by people leaving the city, and therefore there is no hit to taxpayers.

"We still give raises when people take on significantly more responsibility," Letcher said.

Most city employees are scheduled to take nine furlough days this year, which translates into a 3.5 percent pay cut.

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