Thursday, July 28, 2011

The tea party’s big moment – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs

The tea party’s big moment – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs

Don't be fooled by the tiny turnout at the tea party rally on Capitol Hill Wednesday. The conservative movement doesn't much need rallies anymore. November 2010 changed all of that.

Boasting powerful leaders inside the Senate and big numbers in the House of Representatives, the tea party just might show the world how it might govern come August 2, the nation's deadline for raising the debt ceiling.

"We've got to stand strong. We can't let down the people who elected us last November," Senator Jim DeMint said at Wednesday's rally.

DeMint and newly elected tea party backed Republican Sen. Rand Paul are brushing off Obama administration warnings of a "catastrophe."

"This is an artificial crisis. The President has created and concocted a crisis," Paul told reporters.

Both DeMint and Paul are signaling they may be willing to take debate over the debt ceiling past August 2, if a balanced budget amendment is not attached to a final deal.

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