Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A preview of August 2nd ?

No resolution of Minnesota government shutdown in sight -

He was referring to the state's $5 billion budget gap and the disagreement Democrats and Republicans have had over how to fix it. Dayton had asked for a plan that includes increasing taxes on the state's millionaires. Republicans say they won't agree to anything involving new taxes.

The Minnesota government virtually shut down on Friday, leaving only a limited array of state services in operation over the busy holiday weekend.

Many social service agencies will lose their funding, cutting state support for programs such as job training and homelessness prevention. Those that don't have reserves will likely close their doors. Road construction projects will cease, as will licensing for teachers and businesses.

Up to 23,000 state workers are scheduled to be laid off, though they will continue to get health benefits and can return to their jobs when the budget impasse is resolved.

"We're all committed to continuing this process," Dayton added. "There's too much at stake for the people of Minnesota not to give it every possible effort continuously until it's resolved."

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