Friday, July 1, 2011

Not my constituent? Not my problem. - A smartass !

Healthcare: Not my constituent? Not my problem. -

Villela said his mother, a self-employed cosmetics saleswoman, obtained an individual health policy in 2005 for $200 a month. By the end of 2008, she was paying $800 a month.

"We had to decide between paying for her mortgage and paying for her medical insurance. At the end, we decided to drop her coverage as a result of the cost," Villela said. "Now she only hopes her preexisting conditions will not become more acute. And if they do, the only remedy that we have in our hands will be emergency services or the emergency room, given that she does not qualify for state programs as a result of her income."

Hernandez thanked Villela, then asked, "Where do you live?" After Villela said "The city of Monterey Park," Hernandez responded, "Well, after the redistricting lines, you're not going to be in my district anymore," drawing guffaws from the committee room. "Monterey Park's no longer in my district," he added with a laugh, then dismissed Villela, saying, "Next."

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