Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Murdoch's problem isn't PR but culture - CNN.com

Murdoch's problem isn't PR but culture - CNN.com

The story is moving fast, and ironically Rupert Murdoch is caught in a web of his own making.

Find the basis for a story that will make headlines and spare no effort to dig up any information that will get and hold readers' attention -- the bolder the headline the better. Go for the jugular. If there's a seamy angle to it, so much the better. Oh, and by the way, don't hesitate to use whatever sources you can, and use your own judgment about methods. But create the story. That's your job. The more sensational, the better. That's what sells newspapers, that's what makes us profitable.

So how does the media baron handle himself when he becomes the object of the reporting culture he has helped to create, when his own empire is operating in crisis mode, when what he has so carefully and successfully built is in danger of unraveling?

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