Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Judge halts layoffs in Costa Mesa -

Judge halts layoffs in Costa Mesa -

Costa Mesa cannot lay off any city employees by outsourcing their jobs to private companies until the matter is heard in a civil trial, an Orange County Superior Court judge ruled Tuesday.

In her ruling enjoining the city from going forward with its outsourcing plans, Judge Tam Nomoto Schumann tentatively agreed that the city did not follow proper procedures earlier this year when it issued 213 layoff notices to employees telling them their jobs would be outsourced in six months to mostly private companies.

The hold is in place until the Orange County Employees Assn.'s lawsuit against the city on the matter goes to trial, the association’s attorneys told the Daily Pilot. It is unlikely that the case would go to trial before Sept. 30, when the layoffs would be in effect, meaning that at least for the time being workers can count on having their jobs through the fall.

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