Sunday, July 10, 2011

A David & Goliath Story: Final chapter

Well folks, David was knocked on his ass and Goliath walked off into the sunset to create more havoc among business and people seeking a job.

I lost my case against Seccion Amarilla and the Latin version of Rupert Murdock. A scrooge and Mr. Potter all wrapped up as one and known as Carlos Slim, the richest man in the world.

I Failed to prove my case, in spite of the silent help I got from Judge McGrumpy, who in a round about way gave me a lot of room and opportunity to legally present my case. But I am not an attorney and was unable to seize the help I got.

It was an interesting experience, emotionally draining and sometimes fun, but never the less, one “I DO NOT !” recommend you try.

What I did learn is that the law isn’t meant for the innocent, or to seek justice, it made for those who know how to use it and can afford a top notch attorney. I also learned that if you decide to use resources meant to help the little guy, think twice. First be prepared to put up with rude attitudes and long lines.

If you use agencies like the Labor Board, and if the company you sue has money it will be appealed. Attorneys do not take this agency serious, to them it’s a bunch of wannabe attorneys called commissioners, who know nothing about the law.

There are a few resources you can use that might be able to help, but even for this help you have to be prepare to SELL your case and be organized and precise.

It’s a cruel world out there folks, the days of integrity and doing the “right thing” are long gone. it’s a new generation of dog eats dog and screw as many people as you can on your way up, or as in Carlito’s Slim’s way...exploit as many as you can, as you laugh your way to the bank.

This was one of many crazy ventures I’ve taken on, that I can honesty say was not pleasant, but did give me an insight on how our legal system works.

If you have any question, or comments please drop me a line.

Sonia Vivar
Spanglish Today

PS...At the end of the trial, I was handed a bill from the court clerk, which is split, between the Plaintiff and the Defendant.

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