Wednesday, July 6, 2011

BofA to give away houses |

BofA to give away houses |

Have too many foreclosed properties?

Why not give them away?

That's what Bank of America plans to do with as many as 150 vacant and abandoned properties in and around Chicago through a new "collaboration" with the city that's intended to address the problem of abandoned properties

As part of the new effort, BofA plans to:

-Register properties with the city when the mortgage is delinquent and the property has been identified as vacant and abandoned.

-Identify up to 150 properties that will be referred to a new Cook County vacant and abandoned building court call in an effort to speed up the foreclosure process and return the properties to stable, productive use. The foreclosure timeline for vacant and abandoned properties in the area currently averages 18 months, the bank said.

-Contribute funds toward the city's costs of demolishing deteriorating buildings on the donated properties.

-Donate foreclosed and vacant condominiums to the nonprofit Community Investment Corp. as part of an initiative to upgrade, preserve and stabilize management of affordable rental housing.

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