Friday, June 17, 2011

Partisan Politics, Public Frustration -

Partisan Politics, Public Frustration -

Letter to the editor- NY Times

Re “Pundit Under Protest” (column, June 14):

David Brooks hits it squarely on the head in expressing his exasperation with the two political parties running our country. There are no fresh or exciting ideas to be had between them. It seems that everything the party leaders do or say is a reaction to fear — of not being re-elected, of not seeming conservative enough, of appearing “soft” on immigration, taxes, the deficit, what have you.

The Democrats and the Republicans are not interested in working together to solve the country’s myriad problems. They remind me of two teenage gangs in a standoff, neither side willing to budge. Maybe they should rumble!

We need a common-sense approach, and I am not holding my breath for it to come from anyone currently occupying a seat on Capitol Hill.

Glen Head, N.Y., June 15, 2011

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