Friday, June 10, 2011

New Immigration Law Impacts Farmers | FOLEY, Alabama

New Immigration Law Impacts Farmers | FOLEY, Alabama

FOLEY, Alabama - Gathering the things we like for our dinner table is hot, hard work and somebody has got to do it.

"Sometimes it's difficult to find local folks to do some of those jobs," That's what we found at about half a dozen South Baldwin farms. Immigrant workers were being used to help bring in the crops. Some documented, some not. But farmers say they are needed to get the job done.

Local farmers would not appear on camera for fear of drawing attention to their workers. Farmers Federation spokesman Jeff Helms says the new immigration law will clearly have an impact. "Farmers are very conscientious about following the rules and obeying the law. They support secure borders but they also understand there are certain jobs that they rely on a legal guest worker program to help fill those spots."

The new law, as it stands now, could make it harder for small family farms to continue business as usual.


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