Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Latino Education: The Key Role of Parents | |

Latino Education: The Key Role of Parents | |

Six children who were crammed into a small home, who didn’t have private bedrooms, or desks, or even typewriters (forget computers). Six children who didn’t drive cars and didn’t dress in fancy clothes.

The family was barely surviving, doing the best they could in Pasadena, California, far from their native base of support. Sounds like the classic profile of immigrant families so far.

Yet this is who the children were, from eldest to youngest: (1) the school’s valedictorian and Student Government President who won a scholarship to UC Berkeley, (2) Senior Class President, star athlete, and another scholarship winner, (3) Class Officer, honor student, and member of the editorial staff of the school’s publications, (4) cheerleader and honor student,…and so on.

To a person, the six children distinguished themselves, were highly popular and respected on campus, and they all went to college. They defied the odds

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