Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A David and Goliath update 3

My court date was scheduled for June 13, 2011, but interestingly enough on June the 9th, I received an email from my nemesis, informing me that our case was going to be rescheduled. I called to confirm this information, but was told everything was as scheduled and there were no new changes...Interesting.

Inside information, attorney privilege? My point, is that an average person doesn't have access to this information. something to think about IF your still thinking, about representing yourself.

My court case was indeed, rescheduled for the 7th of July.

Which gives me more time to prepare.

I was trying to avoid losing any more money on this case, but I have no choice. Filing court documents, is going to cost.

Is it worth it...I'm in it to learn, this "David's" success, probably won't be in court. My win will be in shedding some light on how our system works.

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