Saturday, June 11, 2011

A David and Goliath Story, update 2

UPDATE: I’ve become very familiar with my city’s local law library and have read as much as I could, in order to prepare for my up coming battle with Goliath. However I have to admit, I am no where near knowing what to expect, or prepared. My crazy adventure should NEVER be attempted by anyone other than a qualified and competent attorney.

The purpose of this post is to dissuade anyone, thinking about facing a judge, as your own attorney. Especially, if your up against the likes of Robert Simels of the business world.

I am keeping tabs of the mistakes I’ve made as well as a list of things I should’ve done, which I will post on my final piece.

A little History; The company I worked for was Seccion Amarilla, Hispanic yellow pages. A product that could have been useful to the Hispanic community, as there are many among my age group that are computer shy and stuck in the old ways of doing things. The product was not the problem, greed and Executives brought over from Mexico, were Carlos Slim Helix, the richest man ( a cross between Ebenezer Scrooge & Henry F. Potter) has no completion or regards for the people he exploits.

I knew that going in, but thought, this is the good ole USA, he’ll amend his ways and follow the law. Ya right !...I guess old habits are hard to break. Sometimes, especially in my case, we have a tendency to over think, things.

I just received a list of witnesses and exhibits they intend to use. Which consist of the head of their HR department and company policies, I never knew existed, but now understand there purpose...A WAY OUT.

Hopefully this adventure, will be over soon, as my court date is scheduled for Monday the 13th of June.

Will keep you posted, and don’t wish me luck. Learn with me =D


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