Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Are Weiner's women blameless? - CNN.com

Are Weiner's women blameless? - CNN.com

I get it: A lot of people think Anthony Weiner's a pig.

While I usually take the position of a politician's personal life being his or her own business, even I had to throw that stance out the window once the picture of what is purportedly Weiner's penis in his gray underwear hit the Web. Resigning is (was) the only sensible choice.

End of his story.

Now time for hers.

If Weiner is a bad guy for his indiscretions, what about the women who see this saga as their time to shine?

Not the women the media found, but the ones who ran to the cameras. The women who knew Weiner was a married congressman, but chose to initiate or at least continue illicit communication with him anyway, and, now that "Entertainment Tonight" is involved, want to talk.

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