Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Pause, to Give Thanks -

A Pause, to Give Thanks -

There’s a philosophical train of thought along these lines called “determinism,” whose subscribers believe that all events are connected in such a way that every event is determined by the events which came before it (thanks, fourth-period philosophy class).

Taken to its logical conclusions, determinism implies a lack of free will, an idea that I’m either unable or unwilling to entirely accept, but there’s undoubtedly truth in the premise that our lives are in large part a product of the past, bound tightly to the wills and rhythms of the world around us.

The influence that the actions of other humans have on us is vast and incalculable, a tremendous net of kind words, criticisms, gifts and advice.

With that in mind, and with my high school graduation looming, I feel that a great deal of gratitude is in order.

I’m grateful for a family that not only tolerates my insane dream of becoming a professional actor, but encourages it, and is willing to shell out an absurd amount of money to help make it possible. My character would be nothing without them.

While some teenagers may balk at hearing that they’ve picked up the mannerisms and habits of their parents, I see it as a compliment, and as a point of pride.

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