Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How The richest man makes his money-Seccion Amarilla

Bad habits are hard to break... Seccion Amarilla’s yellow-pages “en español” was a brilliant and profitable move, and what could of been a useful tool for the Hispanic community. The vision was there.

Unfortunately in Mr. Carlos Slim’s (the richest man in the world) case so was greed. Telmex de Mexico aka:Seccion Amarilla, brought yellow pages in Spanish to the USA, along with it's shady business practices, billing issues and an almost non-existing customer service, among other shady business tactics.

Carlos Slim Helu’s fortune and success, was achieved at the expense of hard working citizens in Latin countries he invaded with his screw the customer and the people. Bleed them to death, was, and is his motto.

Knowing that their complaints would end up in his pocket and in those of corrupt bureaucrats eager to please the richest and influential man, in there country.

With several lawsuits pending, unsatisfied customers, billing issues, and a slew of angry ex-employees, along with companies of all sizes, along with governmental agencies like FEMA,they seem to be above the law and untouchable. Even here in the good ole USA.

But don't take my word for it, just google “Seccion Amarilla complaints” and see for yourself. And if they come knocking on your door….Run !

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