Saturday, May 21, 2011

A David and Goliath story...I suggest you check out =D

I am not an attorney, just a simple hardworking citizen facing my first deposition alone.

I had an attorney, or I should say, I have an attorney IF, I recover any money.

The day before my deposition in which I am the Plaintiff, my attorney called with good news. He had gotten me an offer of $X,000.00 on a case I had already won thru the Labor Board against Seccion Amarilla (google "seccion amarilla complaints) for unpaid commissions. My award was for $XX, XX0.00, but was appealed.

Seccion Amarilla which is owned by Carlos Slim, the richest man, according to Forbes, hired the Law firm of Mayer Brown for the appeal. My attorney which I will name Frick & Frack, abandoned ship when I refused the $X,000.00 settlement and left me to fend for myself, claiming I had a weak case and was lucky to get this money.

I should ask for time to find another suit to represent me, but after 2 years of nothing, I felt, I have nothing to lose. What I will gain may be more valuable than what money can buy, an insight into how wonderful it is to be able to manipulate the Law, if you have money and a GOOD attorney.

I hope to update you later with my horror story on my first deposition.

UPDATE: As I walked in, the plush offices of the lion den, I started to get a little nerves, but took a little time to walk around to re-group and focus.

I walked in ready to face my enemy, who in reality turned out to be a pleasant young man, who could of torn my head off and eaten me alive, but showed restrain, for this I thank him.

I answered the questions truthfully, and probably offered more information than I should, but at this point my objective was no longer to seek justice and what I honestly worked hard for, but rather the experience.

What the outcome will be the courts will soon decide.

Lesson learned and my point in sharing this story is that not all attorney’s are good at what they do, in spite of the time and money invested, so be wise in your selection.

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