Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bloomberg: Let immigrants in... to Detroit - POLITICO Live -

Bloomberg: Let immigrants in... to Detroit - POLITICO Live -

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has a solution to the nation's immigration problem: Let immigrants come to the United States... "as long as they agree to live in Detroit."

Bloomberg, the mayor of America's largest city, believes the federal government has an immigration problem and that Detroit has a people problem — "half the population has left; you've got to do something about that" — so why not flash some of that American ingenuity and kill two birds with one stone?

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  1. This man is a Menace to the American way of life. Immigrants to the U.S. have the RIGHT to move & live anywhere in this country where work is available to support themselves & their families ! but, I think this Menace is talking about "illegal aliens" & if this the case -We need to ARREST & DEPORT THEM "illegal aliens" back to Ireland , Poland , Kenya 0r where-ever they came from using E-verify for -ALL- jobs & GOV`t. PROGRAMS section-8 , welfare , foodstamps , wic. etc. & 287g NATIONWIDE to find & DEPORT -ALL- illegal aliens !!!
    Immigrants WELCOME !!!
    illegals GO HOME !!!
    GOD BLESS TH U.S.!!!