Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What does Trump and a blow-up have in common ?

Interesting exchange, on one of the Daily Show's forum, about Trumps lips....

sunlaker wrote:

Not just you, in fact they also remind me of those really old Hanna Barberra cartoons. Some examples of these who us old farts should remember were "Scott McCloud - Space Angel" and "Clutch Cargo". In these, a technique was used to save on actual animation by using face drawing fixed panels with a cut out for the mouth which was then combined using a mirror with a real actor's mouth speaking. This looks so crazy/phoney that its hard to watch one of these today w/o laughing. A face speaking with no movement of chin, cheeks, nose or eyes. Donald Dump looks like this because his face is so stiff, the mouth looks phoney, like your sex-doll example or my crappanimation one. Hmmmmm.....Maybe he's a robot?

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