Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tempers Flare With Tea Party Man, Russell Pearce Dodges the Fiesta Questions

The Tea Party People have certainly turned out to be a bunch of angry old people. Don’t believe me? Watch the video where this nut says, “Mexico is a F***ing @$%#!” Incredible.

Emotions continue to flare here in Arizona. It gets better….the Tea Party King of them all (Senator Russell Pearce who authored SB 1070′s anti-immigration law) was asked about the Fiesta bowl tickets and that financial scandal. He gets angry at the reporter when she asks him for the invoices.

Politicians are not supposed to receive these illegal Fiesta Bowl funds. What part of “illegal” does Russel Pearce not understand?

I’m so glad the Tea Party Movement is losing steam. I think it’s time for some Tequila. I’m getting tired of seeing all these angry old people on television.

Here is the direct link to the video

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