Friday, April 15, 2011

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Won’t Yield the Spotlight

In what Mr. Arpaio is calling Operation Desert Sky, private pilots have begun flying over central Arizona to act as spotters for Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department deputies. The overhead surveillance has not yet led to any arrests, two weeks after it began, but Mr. Arpaio said it would have a deterrent effect.

In short, Sheriff Joe — as he is widely known — is still at it

“My activist friends don’t like it,” Mr. Arpaio said of the use of tipsters. “Some politicians don’t like it. But I decide what goes on."

Disgruntled current and former workers make up the most effective informants, deputies say, since they offer the most precise information on suspected illegal immigrants working at a business.

Many tips, however, are from customers upset to find so many Latinos working in a particular place.

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